Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Izee is our six month old American Bobtailed kitten. We adopted her in May of this year. She was a little miracle. Izee came to us after we lost our first kitten Demee who was with us for just a very short time. Izee was a very sick kitten when we adopted her. She had the feline flu, which affects the respiratory system. She couldn't breathe very well because she was so stuffed up and so she wouldn't eat. We had to give her antibiotic for ten days and really nurture her to health. Ayce was such a good dog, he helped us to teach her to eat. She had been taken away from her mom to early. She did everything Ayce did and that is how she learned. I think that she doesn't know that she isn't a dog and that Ayce is not her mom. She loves to play and to cuddle with him. Izee also loves her new little sister Harlee. She has taught Harlee how to be another cat that acts like a dog. Izee has grown up to be such a beautiful kitty. She is so sweet and cuddles with me and Joey on her own terms but usually that comes early in the morning when we want to sleep. She especially loves Joeys scruff on his chin--the best way to get her ears scratched! Izee will get extremely affectionate if i sing You Are My Sunshine. Its funny and I find myself singing it allot just to get some cuddles from her.


Nettie said...

I love this little sweetie! She is beautiful!