Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Harlee was a starving little kitten that I found one night when Joey came to share my lunch break with me. We were eating and heard this pathetic little meow. I went and found her in the bushes and offered a piece of my chicken she was so hungry that when she finished it she bit my finger. So much for the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you." I made Joey take her home and feed her some kitty food and give her some water. He said "you are not keeping this one!" Well, the plan wasn't to keep her but to give her to my mom. My dad was going to decide that weekend while he was here visiting. We fell more in love with little Harlee everyday. Izee enjoyed having another kitten to play with so Joey decided that we could keep her if my dad said mom couldn't have her. So you can guess what dad said. Harlee got her name from Joey. He named her Harleiquin because she reminded him of a bat...and that made him think of the Joker's girlfriend from Batman named Harley Quinne thus her name Harleiquin. Joey says it's the perfect name for her because she is a little joker--she teases Ayce and Iz. She is such a sweet kitty. She loves to play with Izee and is getting more use to Ayce everyday. She cuddles with anyone and everyone and has a lot of love to give.


Nettie said...

I really, really wanted this little kitten. I had a feeling Dad would say "no" even though I think he could have been talked in to it, maybe. But I think Izee is happier to have a playmate kitten. I love Harlee already!