Monday, September 29, 2008

Here goes again

I was so happy to have graduated school and start my new life and career as a Respiratory therapist but life since graduation hasn't gotten any easier. I will have had to pass three tests to become a full fledged Registered therapist. My no means did I expect the task of passing three tests to be easy but I wasn't expecting it to be this nerve racking. Let me tell you I would much rather be studying for one of "Crazy Max's" midterms or final exams in critical thinking or even give me math. YUCK!! Max's tests were absolutely insane but now I know what he was preparing us for...I think!

I have already taken two of the three tests. The first test I had to take was the written CRT. It wasn't to bad of a test to pass. I then began studying for my written RRT. This test wasn't to bad either but still none the less my mind was packed full of anxiety and I thought for sure that I wouldn't pass--but I did and I was proud. By the time I had actually walked the walked and received my degree I had passed two of the terrible three tests. My confidence level had been boosted and I felt like I could conquer just about anything.

So I started studying for my RRT Clinical simulation test as soon as I was all settled into my house and job in St. George. I studied for nearly a whole month daily before going back up to Salt Lake to take the test. I was feeling very nervous and anxious but felt like I would do okay. As I drove from my mom and dads in Kaysville to HR Block in Salt Lake City, where this one and all my tests prior were administered, I prayed that I would make the right decisions and not kill any of my computerized patients at the NBRC Medical Center. I tried taking deep breaths but rather started hyperventilating and crying. This was not good but by the time I reached the testing center I had calmed down and felt good. I guess praying really does help one to feel better. I along with two other people who I had never met in my life sat nervously in the parking lot waiting for the doors to open. There was one other person who was there taking the same test as I and then the other girl was taking her RN. We all sat down and started the test. I felt things were going well for the most part. The RN girl wasn't there very long then it was just me and the other poor Respiratory therapist. Just about every other word from his mouth was f--- or Sh--( you get the point). At this point i was really beginning to sweat even though i wasn't half as worried as the guy sitting next to me. I was just minutes away from finding out my fate that rest in four words YOU PASSED THIS TEST, well that's what I was hoping for anyway. I was on the last question of the last scenario and click I made my decision and was done. I took the quick little survey and calmly and collectively got up and waited for the printer to print out my score sheet. It seemed like hours before the printer turned on and spit out my results. I quickly picked up my result and read YOU FAILED THIS TEST. I looked it over not really realizing what I had read only to realize I really did fail--I failed my two points, that's one percent. I killed one of my patients at NBRC Medical Center and probably a child at that. What a way to start off your day--failing a test by two lousey points.

So here I am studying continuously again for my Clinical Simulation whenever i can because i am headed up to Salt Lake tomorrow morning to retake the test on Wednesday. I have even fell asleep studying at my computer. I am already $800 into this test taking thing not to mention the cost of all my study materials, my license, and gas money to get up to Salt Lake all for a stinking credential. One letter difference in my Credential "R" instead of a "C". So here's to praying for good judgment, eased levels of anxiety, and thoughts and prayers of friends and family. Wish me Luck! Here Goes Again!


whitey said...

Wishing you lots of luck!Keep the faith that you can do it this time.

Evelyn said...

Good LUCK!!! You can do it!!!

Kare Bear said...

Good luck!! It sounds like your doing well already.

Evelyn said...


Kare Bear said...

Happy anniversary. I read about it on your mom's blog page. Hope you guys had a good one.