Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is what is new in my life....only its not new. I feel horrible and I just want to crawl in bed and stay there until my head feels better, which by the looks of it doesn't seem like its going to happen anytime soon. I hate HEADACHES! My left side of my head is just throbbing with pain and i am nauseated. I have one more night of work after tonight--I am not sure i am going to make it! Anybody have any ideas? I can't stand it anymore!
slightly twisted
a bit depressed
just out of touch
from all the stress
feel what I see
write what I feel
looking for life
from inside of me
my vision is blurred
as my sight starts to fade
my head starts to explode
just another day
no relief in sight
lose the will to fightyour sanity flees
the pain so intenseI'm down on my knees praying to God
to give me strength just another day like all the rest
maybe tomorrow the pain will subside
I'll find away out and let you know
if I'm still sane or lost in the snow
I didn't write this poem but it describes pretty much how i am feeling right now.