Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walk for Autism 2009 Part II

The Little Boy

What is it about the little boy . . .
and all his strange little ways?
What is it about the little boy
and the odd way he plays?

What is it about the little boy;
when will he start to talk?
We wonder about the little boy,
since he was very quick to walk

What is it about the little boy;
why can’t he look you in the eye?
What is it about the little boy,
so quick to scream and cry

What is it about the little boy;
he acts different in every way
What is it about the little boy;
they say it won’t go away

What is it about the little boy?
What is the cause for concern?
What it is about the little boy,
has a diagnosis we’ve learned

Now we know about the little boy
So now where do we turn?
Now we know about the little boy;
there is so much to learn

So, who will help the little boy?
Insurance says no way!
Who will help the little boy
If we cannot pay?

Who will show the little boy..
show him how to play?
Who will show the little boy
What will happen each day?

So what will help the little boy;
his mother's determination and love.
What will help her with the little boy...
grace and strength from up above

Today, in Orem, Utah, the Second Annual Walk for Autism was held. It was pouring rain and cold but there were so many people there to support the cause. How inspiring it was to see how many people were there to show that they care! As for me, I was walking for my nephew Russel "Bubbsie". He had a larg group of supporters just for him. Russ, Bubba's dad, had his friend make us some really awesome team t-shirts. We decided last year when we walked that we would this year make team T-shirts and walk again as one united team. Anyways, they were really cool and we wore them proudly. So thanks Hoarsee, you did a great job! It was amazing to be apart of such a special cause. We can only hope that the efforts that we make can be used for the greater good of all children affected by Autism. We need the governments help to make this a disease in which insurance will assist parents and thier children with the nessary treatments to help them learn and to grow. My nephew is going to the Pingree School for Autism but it is very exspensive. He also needs speech therapy and occupational therapy. Treatments he may not be able to have because the cost is well over 80 thousand dollars a year. This disability affects both female and male children but it is more prominate in males. In Utah one in every three male child births will be diagnosed with autism. Anyways, we hope that as there becomes more information that more and more people will become activly involved in this annual walk. So WALK NOW FOR AUTISM!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Walk Now for Autism!

Hey Everyone I just wanted to post a quick and short littlw blurb on something that i feel very passionate about because it effects so many but for me it effects someone whom I truly love and care about, My little nephew Russel Eastman. He is my husband's little sister's son. He is a maginificant little boy but he has autism. We are walking for Autism tomarrow at Utah Valley State University I am not asking you to make a donation, but if you can please do. All i really want is a big shout out to our Team the Bubbsie team! I will post pictures from the event tomarrow night! Love to all! Ash!

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