Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Ayce (All You Can Eat), our black lab-who knows what mix, who we adopted in March of 2006 just shortly after I lost my little Jack Russel Terrior Daizy May. Ayce was nine weeks old when we adopted him. On his adoption card it says he is a black lab newfoundland mix, so we thought that he was going to be big and hairy. As you can see from his picture he definetly not big or hairy he most definetly does not have any newfy in him. We didn't care what he was he was so cute and he really helped me to feel better after Daizy died. He continuly makes me laugh and he does some really silly things. Ayce earned his name because he literally ate everything from my favorite slippers, a bag of dark chocalate m&m's to sprinkler heads and garden hoses right down to carpet in the sun room at my in-laws house. It seemed like he was never going to stop misbehaving but he has really turned out to be a pretty good dog. What makes Ayce special is that he loves the kittens. He really looks after them and takes care of them, sometimes they don't love him as quiet as much. We love Ayce very much and know that he will continue to bring happiness and laughter to our family for years to come.


Nettie said...

He's Grammy's best #1 grandson, far!