Friday, May 1, 2009

Walk Now for Autism!

Hey Everyone I just wanted to post a quick and short littlw blurb on something that i feel very passionate about because it effects so many but for me it effects someone whom I truly love and care about, My little nephew Russel Eastman. He is my husband's little sister's son. He is a maginificant little boy but he has autism. We are walking for Autism tomarrow at Utah Valley State University I am not asking you to make a donation, but if you can please do. All i really want is a big shout out to our Team the Bubbsie team! I will post pictures from the event tomarrow night! Love to all! Ash!

To find out more please go to:
If you do want to make a small donation please visit my donation portal at this link:


Nettie said...

I think what you and the rest of the Thomas family does for little Russ is wonderful. I'm sorry I hurt my foot, I would have done the 'walk'. I forwarded your email message to everyone on my contact list. Hope a lot of people show up and the "Walk For Autism" was successful. Love what you do to help!