Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet PRINCESS Bella Noel the JRT

Bella, Bella, Bella...what can I say about Bella. She was my Christmas present from myself and my husband. I never thought that I being married to Joey would have more than one DOG and a time but I begged, pleaded and batted my eyes until he finally agreed I could take the cute little ball of love home with me. December 11th, the day befored we would make our first big trek move back to Northern Utah from St. George. We had to run to Wal-mart for a few last minute packing items...Joey wishes to this day we would have gone to the other Wal-mart on the other side of town. I was on the phone with my mom and driving when Joey intrupts and says look there are puppies for sale. I didn't think anything of it until mom asks..."what kind of puppies?" I then looked up and over and saw the sign Jack Russels for sale. "EEEK oh mommy they are Jack Russel Terriors!" I had to go look. I immediately went to Bella and picked her up and gave her lots of love. Joey stayed in the car but that didn't stop me from brining her to him. She was a shy little puppy and kind of scared but I loved her and loved her puppy breath upon my cheeks. From that moment on it was pure love...i could not go or move away from St. George without that little ball of furry love.

We sometimes now call our little Bella "BB" that stands for BAD BELLA. She usually is a pretty good puppy but we are still working on the pooping in the house thing. She can't seem to figure out that you poop outside rather than in the house. She does pretty good otherwise. Bella, loves Ayce, Izee, and Harlee but I think her favorite is defiently Harlee. They love to wrestle and chase each other. Belly doesn't like it when Ayce has something that she wants even though she may have the exact same thing (ie. BONE) and she barks and yells at him until he evenutally gives in to her. Harlee however doesn't take BElla bossing her around...oh no, Harlee bosses right back. I never thought a dog and cat could love each other so much. Poor Izee is our fluffy ball of cat and Bella must think she is a fox or something cuz for the longest time Bella would only chase Izee. I guess that must have gotten boring cuz she rarley bugs Iz anymore.

Bella is also "BB" for Bossy Bella. She tells everyone exactly how it is going to be and that is you are gonna do it my way or no way at all. She will bark at me if she wants to get a treat, go outside and romp, doesn't want to go in her kennel, if i squirt her with the spray bottle or just as i am getting out of the shower or even while i am in the shower. She is capable of jumping on the bed however she would rather be put on the bed and so she will bark. I have learned to ignore the bossy little terd for the most part but she is just so dang cute that i find it quiet hard sometimes. She bosses the other "Kids" around too. She pushes the cats off my lap so she can lay down or barks at Ayce knowing that he will eventully let her have whatever it is that he has. She even demands an occasional belly rub from Joey. Whoever or whatever it is...the attention is to be hers.

Bella is growing up all to fast for me. I wish she could have stayed the sweet little sleepy ball of fur forever but now she has grown into her paws, ears and the wire fur keeps growing. She is still cute but she is cute with attitude!

Oh her name Bella Noel means Beautiful Christmas however I think BAD BELLA fits her much better! :) We love you Hells Bells!

Enjoy Meeting Princess Bella!


Nettie said...

You aren't putting the blame on your dear o' Momma, .... are you Ash? Miss Bella is a cute thing for sure. I'm glad you finally highlighted her on your blog.

Ashley said...

Well is your had to ask what kind of puppies. If you wouldn't have asked i would have never known. HOwever Joey didnt have to point them out either. :) I love her i am glad i have her, The cute little shit!