Saturday, December 6, 2008

Busy...busy...busy with busy boys, sweet little girls, and grandma!

This past week I was up North for a few interviews and had some time to spare to visit with my friends and Family. It never seems to be enough time however to get to see everyone and to spend as much time with them as I would like. I got to color with my Niece Oaqulee for a little while on Sunday when we arrived in West Valley. She and I are good coloring pals.

On Monday I got to spend a good portion of my afternoon with one of my Best friends Billie and her boys (that includes her husband). We met at Build-A-Bear at the Gateway and I got some Christmas shopping done. Ethan made a Koala bear, dressed him up like a police man and named him Woo-woo bear. To cute. Ethan being the great big brother he is picked out a puppy dog for Benny to have. Both boys were so cute with their new found friends,Woo-woo and Barkley.

On Tuesday, My mom and I met one of my other best friends,Lisa with her girls and her husband at the Newgate mall for lunch. We had a good time visiting over lunch and I loved playing with Natasha. We played with this thing at the mall where you put pennies, nickles, dimes or quarters in and they go round and round until they eventually fall into the box below it. I am not sure how much change we put into that thing but we had so much fun. Little Nathasha has the sweetest little voice and every time the penny would drop in she would say "See Ya!" So cute, and i couldn't help but to smile. My mom was handing her the pennies and she would be looking for another penny before the last one had disappeared. When mom ran out of pennies, Natasha looked at her and said "See ya!" We also went to see Santa. Natasha, was scared to death of him and didn't want anything to do with him. It is amazing how quickly kids change in a year. Baby Patricia, is growing and changing so quickly. She is beautiful just like her big sister and her mommy. Tricia didn't seem to mind Santa in fact she slept right through her visit with him.

The last full day I was up there I spent with my mom and my Grandma Spencer doing crafts. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with my Grandma and mom. I am not sure if the craft or taking the pictures afterwards was more fun. I don't think Grandma knew that you could set up a camera a timer to take pictures. My grandma laughing had train effect cause then both mom and myself her laughing too. We had a lot of fun. I love you Grandma and Mom!

I am so glad that I have time to visit with my friends and family and wish that the time spent didn't go by so quickly. I love you all very much! Oh and to Lisa and Billie, Thanks for sharing your sweet little ones with me. If I didn't have the three best friends that I have I don't know what I would do. I love being Adopted Auntie Ashie